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UV sleeves for men


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UV-sleeves men

Some accessories, such as these UV-sleeves for men, are almost perfect because they seamlessly fit your needs and activities. Wherever you go and whatever you do, with separate sleeves you can give your arms the protection they need. Not sure if you want to go out with a long sleeve shirt or sweater? And so in the end, do you opt for a T-shirt? Then just to be sure, take these UV-sleeves with you, so you can always adapt to the circumstances.

UV-resistant sleeves men

UV-resistant sleeves for men we have at UV-Fashions in different colors, types and sizes. Because you don't want to compromise on comfort and style, it's important that different accessories fit optimally. And these sleeves meet exactly those wishes. Go for a model that including covering your hands or go for a smaller version that only covers your forearms. That choice is entirely up to you. We'll make sure it's all ready, so you can make a well-considered decision. Curious about which other UV-resistant items we have? Amongst others an extensive range of men's accessories and beachwear for men. That all fits perfectly with these UV-resistant sleeves for men.

Buy UV-protective sleeves for men

Want to buy UV-protective sleeves for men? Then you've come to the right place at UV-Fashions. We do everything we can to give you the ultimate shopping experience. Because it's important to us that you feel comfortable in our store. We want to put the importance of UV-resistant clothing and the effects of UV-rays high on the agenda. Not just for you, but for everyone. All over the world. And we can't do that by not having the very best online shop. That's why you've come to the right place not only for the best UV-protective clothing, such as these UV-protective sleeves, but also for the best and most enjoyable shopping experience.

UV sleeves  

Protect your arms from the effects of the sun with these UV protective sleeves. Are you often outdoors, for example working in the garden or as a postman? Or do you drive a lot in the car? Then your arms are exposed to a lot of UV rays, and we really recommend protecting them. UV radiation just passes through glass, so even if you're in the car, you're still not safe from the dangerous rays of the sun. And on a cloudy day, do you think the UV radiation is not so bad? Unfortunately, that's not the case either. Of course the radiation is less intense, but on earth we always receive UV radiation. Make sure you only experience the positive effects of the sun and protect yourself with UV-protective sleeves, among other things.


Order UV sleeves online

At UV-Fashions we have UV sleeves in different colors, sizes and styles that you can easily order from us. Find your favorite color and style in our range and order. Go for a sleeve that runs the full length of your arm, including the glove? Or do you prefer a short design that covers your hands and wrists? The choice is entirely up to you. And don't forget to pick a nice color too. Wondering what you can combine it all with? Take a look at our range of beachwear. Because not only UV sleeves can be ordered online, all other UV clothing can also be ordered at UV-Fashions.


UV sleeves and other accessories

With UV sleeves and other accessories, as with all UV clothing, you get the highest possible service. Because we really want to offer you the best. Not only when it comes to clothing, but also when it comes to service. We always offer a 30-day exchange and return guarantee. Take a look at the exchange and return page to read all about this guarantee. But we don't assume that you'll ever want to use this guarantee on UV sleeves and other accessories.         

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