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UV tankinis for women


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Tankini for women

What is a tankini? It sounds like a 'bikini' and a tankini seems to be one. The main difference is that a tankini instead of a bra has a top and this has its advantages. This offers a new fashionable look.

The advantages of a tankini are endless

  • You can easily hide a little belly with it
  • It emphasizes your waist
  • This garment is easy to put on and take off
  • It can also be combined with different bottoms
  • It's easier to go to the toilet than a bathing suit and your tummy is still covered.

Which tankini for women should I choose?

You can go for a tankini with matching bottoms, but you can also easily put on a different bottom and create a nice contrast effect. We have different types of tankinis for different body shapes. We have them with a halter top with straps over the shoulders, with longer or shorter shirts, with a V-neck and a wavy neck. The tankinis from the range of UV-Fashions also protect against UV-rays. For example, our UPF 50+ tankinis for women block 98 percent of UV-rays. So it's an excellent addition to your summer and swimming wardrobe.

Top brands tankinis at UV-Fashions

Looking for a nice swimwear for women? Then UV-Fashions is the right place for you. One of our absolute top brands tankinis is Cabana Life. This is a special lifestyle brand that is ideal for women who like to go through life in a fashionable way. Combine UV-resistant swimwear for women with a beautiful UV-resistant beach outfit. We have UV-resistant shirts, pants, dresses, cardigans, leggings and swimwear. Don't forget to bring a hat and sunscreen either. We also have beautiful sunglasses from Real Shades, among others. At UV-Fashions you can easily shop your complete beach outfit. Buy your UV-resistant swimwear, tankini and beachwear easily online at UV-Fashions!

A Tankini provides more UV Protection

Anyone who doubts between a bikini and a swimsuit can always opt for the tankini, which, with its long top, is the perfect alternative to a bikini. At UV-Fashions we also know the added value of the tankini, and we have a variety of tankini tops in our assortment, which can be perfectly combined with our bikini bottoms. Thanks to the long top, the skin on the stomach and back is completely covered and thus perfectly protected. All tankini tops from UV-Fashions offer a high protection factor of UPF 50+, which means that 98% of UV rays are blocked.


Playful Tankinis for Kids

If you are looking for a tankini that offers a high level of UV protection for your kids, then UV-Fashions is the place for you. The renowned brands Snapper Rock and Lässig each offer tankinis for children and babies as a set. With its playful and colorful designs, the New Zealand brand Snapper Rock is particularly popular with children. Petit Crabe, on the other hand, also offers separate tankini tops, which can be perfectly combined with bikini bottoms or swim shorts from UV-Fashions. Children's skin is particularly sensitive to UV rays and should therefore be particularly well protected if a trip to the beach or the outdoor pool is planned. With UV-Fashions, you can be sure to find the right UV clothing for every occasion.


Fashionable Tankinis for Women by Cabana Life or Coolibar

If you think that fashionable swimwear and high-quality UV protection don’t go together, you have not discovered the wide range of UV-Fashions yet. For women, too, UV-Fashions offers a wide selection of tankini tops, which can be combined with bikini bottoms, bathing or swim shorts, and whatever else desired. While the brand Cabana Life uses fashionable designs and cheerful patterns for its tankinis, Coolibar offers classic bandeau tops in simple, elegant colors.

Browse through our range of UV protective clothing and put your outfit together for the next beach holiday. If you order from us, your new favorite UV products will reach you only within a few days!

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