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UV shirts for men


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UV-shirt men

With a men's UV-shirt from the collection of UV-Fashions, you can optimally protect your skin against the harmful effects of UV-rays. The fabrics of our men's shirts have a sun protection factor of no less than 50+, which blocks most of the radiation. In our webshop you will find an extensive overview of UV-shirts for men with long sleeve, half sleeve and short sleeve. Moreover, you can choose between different necklines; from regular to high-closed UV-shirts for men.

Our brand offer UV-shirts for men

In our collection we have only included UV-shirts for men from A-brands. So you've come to the right place for shirts from the Australian brand Coolibar, which manufactures clothing from aqua suntect fabric. Thanks to this fabric, a Coolibar shirt blocks more than 98% of the UV-rays, so your skin remains perfectly protected from the sun even without sunburn. The brand was the very first clothing manufacturer to receive a certificate of quality from The Skin Cancer Foundation in Australia, and can thus be seen as a real leader in the field of skin cancer prevention. In short, with the purchase of a men's UV-shirt of this brand you're always in the right place!

Order your men's UV-shirt at UV-Fashions

Ordering a men's UV-shirt from UV-Fashions has many advantages. For example, we offer you the possibility to pay afterwards, and we have very attractive delivery times. If you order your article before 5:30 pm., you will have your shirt within 2-3 working days! Are you not satisfied with your purchase? Then you can exchange it for free with us. Returns are also possible, for more information, click here. If you have any additional questions, our customer service will be happy to answer them in person. You can reach them on +31 (0) 10 22 64 80 1, or contact us via e-mail or chat. Are you curious to find out whether our range of UV-shirts for men of your liking includes? Take a look at our complete collection of shirts above and easily shop the best men's UV-shirts online!

What is a UV-shirt?

A UV-resistant shirt stops UVA and UVB-radiation. These types of radiation coming from the sun can burn the skin and damage it. If you don't protect yourself from the sun properly, you increase the risk of skin cancer. It is especially important to protect young skin against sunburn, as it is particularly susceptible to sunburn. In the places where the fabric of the UV-shirt covers the skin, most of the UV-rays are blocked and don’t reach the skin. There are several protection factors within UV-clothing. At UV-Fashions we mainly have UPF 50+ in our range. This means that as much as 98 percent of the UV-rays are blocked.

What makes a UV-shirt protective?

There are various ways to make a UV-shirt UV-resistant. With our shirts, this is mainly because a certain weaving technique has been used in the manufacture of the fabrics. This ensures that UV-rays are stopped.

Is it better to apply sunscreen or wear a UV-shirt?

A UV-shirt is super easy because it wears light and cool on the skin and in the places that the UV-shirt covers, you don't have to apply sunscreen to the skin anymore. A UV-shirt protects the skin covered by the fabric throughout the day. That saves a lot of hassle with sunscreen and creates a lot more boot space because you don't have to carry as many bottles of sunscreen with you. But the best thing is of course a combination of both. So wear UV-clothing and apply sunscreen to the uncovered areas of skin every two hours. Don't forget to buy a UV-hat either. The head also needs to be protected from the sun, because scalp burns are very unhealthy, and otherwise you may get sunstroke.

Where is it convenient to wear a UV-shirt?

Everywhere, actually. But especially when you are outside and especially when the sun is shining. Burns are always lurking.

Does a UV-shirt protect you better than an ordinary shirt?

Yes, a normal UV-shirt usually only has a protection factor of UPF 15, while a UV shirt with UPF 50+ stops as much as 98 percent of the UV-rays. Interested? Take a look at the UV-shirts for girls, the UV-shirts for boys, the UV-shirts for women, and the UV-shirts for men.

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