Bathrobes for boys

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Bathrobes for boys

Are you looking for a nice, soft and cute bathrobe for boys? Then UV-Fashions is the right place for you. We have a wide range of colorful, cool bathrobes with different patterns such as soccer balls and sharks. What could be nicer than after a bath, or after swimming in the sea or in the pool, putting a bathrobe over your child's shoulders? It provides warmth to your child, feels soft and comfortable on wet skin and offers protection against wind and cold. Don't forget to bring other essential items with you when you go out. Think of UV-sunglasses to protect your child's eyes and a UV-hat to protect your child's head from the sun.

Boy's robe

Bathrobes are also nice to use as dressing gown if your child has not yet dressed up. Then he can have breakfast in his robe. Dressing gowns are great to relax in when your son is playing in the house early in the morning at the weekend or before he goes to school.

Boy's bathrobe for the beach

Bathrobes are also very handy on the beach, and they are a good alternative to beach towels. We have several types of bathrobes in our range, for example: bathrobes with pockets, a belt and large hoodies and a button at the neck to keep your child nicely wrapped. We sell beautiful bathrobes for boys from the brand Playshoes. This is a German brand known for UV-clothing, UV-swimwear, water shoes and other UV-accessories. Playshoes abides by the EU directives: All Playshoes products are produced under strict EU standards. And also important: This brand has a good price-quality ratio. Go ahead and buy one of the beautiful bathrobes at UV-Fashions today!

Bathrobes for children

Of course, the pool equipment includes a stylish, soft bathrobe. Also, at home is a fluffy bathrobe that you can put around you after a hot shower of course lovely. Relaxing in the bathrobes offered by UV-Fashions is of course a pleasant experience. Also in the morning at breakfast, your child can relax with a morning gown around his shoulders. We offer various bathrobes in different sizes and in different colors such as red and blue, but also with stripes, soccer balls, flowers and sharks. We also have several brands including the famous brand Playshoes that makes high quality products for a good price-quality ratio. There is also a lot of attention to detail in the products of Playshoes.


Bathrobe after swimming

It's great for your little one to put on a nice warm bathrobe after swimming. This way he or she can feel safe from the wind and cold and the robe dries his or her wet skin and hair. And while your child takes off the robe again and takes a new dive, possibly with one of the floating suits for children that UV-Fashions offers for sale, the robe can dry well in the sun. A bathrobe from Playshoes always comes in handy and is also nice to give as a gift. Grandparents, grandmothers, mothers and dads will make the little ones happy with such a fine, cheerful bathrobe.


Order a bathrobe from UV-Fashions

In our web shop for UV clothing and UV accessories we offer optimal UV protection for children. Order a nice bathrobe for your son or daughter in our web shop today and take a look at our handy UV-resistant clothing for girls, boys and babies. UV-Fashions also offers various sun protection accessories such as UV sunglasses for children who are barely broken by children's hands and beautiful, stylish UV sun caps for children and slippers for children.

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