UV swim sets for girls

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In stock -10% JUJA -  UV Swim set for girls - Stars - White/Pink
In stock Playshoes - UV Swim Set Kids- Flower - 0
In stock Playshoes - UV Swim Set Kids- Roses - 900
In stock Playshoes - UV Swim Set Kids- Dots - 0
In stock Playshoes - UV Swim Set Kids- Mouse pink - 0
In stock Playshoes - UV swimsuit two-piece for girls - Flamingo - Aqua / pink - Front
In stock Lässig - UV sunsuit with short sleeves for kids - Strokes - Grey
In stock -10% Rip Curl - UV Swim set for girls - Sun Rays - Short sleeve - 3 piece - Dark Teal
In stock Snapper Rock - UV Swimset for babies and kids - Short sleeve - Retro Surf - Blue/Navy
In stock Snapper Rock - UV Swimset for babies and kids - Short sleeve - Beach Bloom - Blue/Pink
In stock Snapper Rock - UV Swimset for babies and kids - Short sleeve - Juicy Fruit - Blue/Red
In stock Snapper Rock - UV Swimset for babies and kids - Long sleeve - Diving Diva - Pink
In stock Snapper Rock - UV Swimset for babies and kids - Long sleeve - Good Vibe - Tangerine
In stock Snapper Rock - UV Swimset for babies and kids - Long sleeve - Wild Love - Pink
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With a UV-swim set for your child you protect the young skin against the harmful effects of the sun. Buying a UV-swim set for your child can therefore prevent a lot of misery. And that's not the only thing: in the UV-Fashions swim sets your child also looks very nice.

UV-swim set for a girl: well protected from the sun

UV-Fashions offers trendy UV-swim sets that protect your child from the sun. Did you know that a regular T-shirt only neutralizes 5% of the UV-rays? Almost all UV-swim sets of UV-Fashions block 98% of all UV-rays. The skin that is covered by the swim set is then well protected against the harmful UV-rays and cannot burn. With a UV-swim set from UV-Fashions you are doing your job responsibly and your child will also have fun with it, because the swim sets are adorable to look at. For girls, UV-Fashions offers colorful and cheerful designs such as watermelons, hearts and dots that will make your daughter shine on the beach or by the pool. In addition, the swim sets are also very comfortable, so your daughter will be able to play in them. For girls there are sets with bottoms and skirts and matching shirts with long and short sleeves. Check out matching accessories such as sunglasses, water shoes and flip-flops.

Order a UV-swim set for a girl

UV-Fashions offers swim sets of different brands. We have the brand Snapper Rock, Playshoes and Lässig in our webshop. The clothing of Snapper Rock is designed in New Zealand. In the sailing world they discovered the advantages of beautiful and fun UV-protection for children from zero to sixteen years. Lässig produces UV-protective, innovative and beautiful, colorful clothing in which children can play freely and carefree. UV-Fashions has the largest range of UV-protective clothing in Europe. Enthusiastic? If you order a UV- swim set for your child today before 5:30 pm., you'll have this item within 2-3 working days! It is also possible to pay afterwards. Have you become curious about our assortment for girls and are you thinking about buying a swim set? Then take a look at our complete collection above and simply order your favorite item for your child in our webshop.

Swim sets for children

Your little one is also exposed to UV rays in the water. It is important that children are protected while swimming or playing at the beach. UV swim sets provide appropriate protection. Swim sets consist of a swim shirt combined with matching shorts. The part of the body that is covered does not need to be covered with a sunscreen. This allows your little one to get out and play more quickly.

Which swim set should I buy?

We have a wide range of swim sets, in different sizes and with different prints. There are swim sets from JUJA, Snapper Rock, Roxy and Playshoes. JUJA's UV clothing is made of recycled PET bottles and therefore very durable. All swim sets at UV-Fashions offer a protection of UPF50+. Some models have a zip. For boys, the pant legs are often longer and for babies there is room for a diaper. The advantage of a swim set is that the clothes are already matched; you don't have to look for a pair of pants to match a shirt. Moreover, buying a set is often cheaper. The swim sets are breathable, insulating and waterproof. The clothing fits well around the body. This way, the children can play safely without the expense of their play enjoyment or comfort.

Buy swim sets online at UV-Fashions

At UV-Fashions we have different swim sets for boys, girls and babies. To complete your child's swimming outfit, we also have swim shoes, swim socks and swim hats. For babies and toddlers there are also floating suits, so that they can swim safely. For each order the following applies: ordered before 4:30pm, shipped the same working day.

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