UV shawls for women

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In stock Coolibar - UV resistant sun scarf - Black
In stock Coolibar - UV resistant Sun Gaiter for adults - Virasana - White
In stock Coolibar - UV sun shawl for ladies - black
In stock Coolibar - UV Sun Shawl for women - Bhakti - Charcoal
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Buff scarf for women

UV-resistant scarves for women are an ideal must-have for people who love the outdoors. Your neck is a place that catches an awful lot of sun, but at the same time is quickly forgotten when protecting it from the sun. That's often because you wear a T-shirt, apply sunscreen, maybe wear a cap and overlook that small area between your shoulders and your head. Very unfortunate, because the skin there is also relatively thin, it burns quickly. This is especially painful in the short term, of course, but it can also have much worse effects. Think of skin cancer or accelerated aging of your skin. Protect your entire body and therefore your neck with, for example, a Buff scarf for women.


Scarves keep you nice and warm in winter and are a fashion accessory in summer. But did you know that the right scarves can also be a practical and very important addition to your health? They protect your neck from the dangerous UV-rays of the sun. In fact, UV-resistant scarves can block up to 98% of UV-radiation. That's equivalent to applying a factor of 50+. And the beauty of these scarves is that you don't have to apply sunscreen your neck at all. That saves a lot of time and effort.

Shawl women

The UV-resistant scarves for women that we offer at UV-Fashions come in different types, sizes and designs. For example, the brand Buff has the nicest prints and designs and Coolibar has scarves that look very much like a shawl, ladies. Thanks to the flap on the back you can put the scarf in your shirt, which completely covers your neck and the flap on the front also protects your face. Wondering what other UV-resistant accessories we have? You'll find everything you need with the UV-resistant accessories for women, including UV-wash, which makes your 'normal' clothes UV-resistant. Very handy to wash the scarves you have at home as well with it.

Large scarf

Even in winter you can enjoy the outdoors and outdoor activities with a UV-protective scarf. Unfortunately there is a misunderstanding that you only experience the negative effects of UV radiation in summer, but nothing could be further from the truth. There is always UV radiation, so you always run the risk of experiencing the effects of too much UV rays. Skin cancer is one of the worst effects. Fortunately, you can arm yourself against this with various UV protective clothing, such as a large scarf with UV protection. The scarves you find at UV-Fashions all have UPF 50+, which means that it blocks 98% of the UV radiation. Whether you go for a large scarf or a small one, with a UV-protected scarf you think well about your health.


Red scarf

A beautiful red scarf that you will find in our assortment is not necessarily a winter scarf. Just like the other UV-protective scarves we have for you at UV-Fashions. A scarf is indeed much quicker to think of in winter, because it provides warmth, but in summer a scarf is very useful to protect your neck against UV rays. Of course, we are talking about scarves that are breathable and made of the best materials, so it is very comfortable to wear a scarf in summer as well. All other items are also made of the best materials, to offer you and your loved ones comfort and protection. Like for example the baby bathrobes or all items from Coolibar. They can also be combined with a red scarf for example, so take a look.


Buying a scarf   

You can buy a scarf at UV-Fashions. Not only because you will find the most beautiful and best UV protective clothing, but also because it is very easy to order from us. You always pay in the way that is best for you, we deliver, together with DPD, very fast and you always get 30 days exchange and return guarantee. So buy your scarf at UV-Fashions.

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