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Sunglasses for men


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  1. Julbo---UV-Sunglasses-for-men---Polarized-3---Black,-green-&-red
    Julbo - UV Sunglasses for men - Polarized 3 - Black, green & red
    121.99 100.82
  2. Julbo---UV-Sunglasses-for-men---Fuse---Polarized-3---Blue-&-red
    Julbo - UV Sunglasses for men - Fuse - Polarized 3 - Blue & red
    121.99 100.82
  3. Julbo---UV-Sunglasses-for-adults---Renegade-M---Reactiv-2-3-glare-control---Grey-&-blue
    Julbo - UV Sunglasses for adults - Renegade M - Reactiv 2-3 glare control - Grey & blue
    210.49 173.96


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Sunglasses men

Give your eyes optimal UV-protection and create a stylish look with these UV-protective sunglasses for men. At UV-Fashions, we do everything we can to give everyone the opportunity to protect themselves from UV-rays. Because the danger of this is not yet sufficiently expressed. And is not getting enough attention. Our founder Jan Willem van der Sterre has made it his personal mission to strive for more awareness and better protection of UV-rays. And that mission is now carried throughout our company. We are working on it every day. And a first step to give you a helping hand in this, are these men sunglasses with UV-protection.

Men's sunglasses sale

The previous collection of men's sunglasses can be found in our sale. These are some items that were not sold immediately in their 'own season' and had to make way for the new collection. That doesn't mean anything at all, nor does it detract from the quality or design. It's just how the fashion industry works. Because even though our main goal is to offer UV-resistant clothing and accessories, the brands we sell just work with collections and seasons. So that everyone can buy new items every season. Which we're all looking forward to with a smile on our faces, because what kind of beauty is waiting for us now? And meanwhile you can order last season's most beautiful men's sunglasses at great discounts from the sale.

UV-resistant men's sunglasses brands

For the best brands of men's UV-resistant sunglasses, you should check out UV-Fashions. Logical of course, because we only focus on UV-resistant items. From swim shorts to hats and caps and much more. So feel free to take a look at the rest of our range, so you can go from head to toe, protected from the sun. But let's start with UV-resistant men's sunglasses.


Sunglasses are an item you'd like to wear all year round. Sunglasses are fashionable, cool and complete your look. Fortunately, there are enough sunny days to take this favorite item out of its case and let it balance on your nose. Add a nice sun hat and you're ready for summer!


Which sunglasses should I choose?

Not everyone fits every pair of sunglasses. I'm sure you noticed that when you put on the fabulous looking sunglasses of a friend and then find out on yourself it looks like your face was deformed. The shape of your face is therefore important when choosing fashionable UV-resistant sunglasses. Determine below which model you are most likely to match:


- You have a round face
  Then it's best to go for sunglasses that make your face look narrower. Therefore, choose sunglasses with an angled frame.

- You have a square face
  Then choose sunglasses that make your lines look softer. 
  The beautiful cateye sunglasses with rounder lenses and pointed ends at the top are really something for you in this case.

- You have an oval face
  Lucky you! All sunglasses want to match and stand on your nose. You can go for almost all glasses.

- You have a heart-shaped face
  Then go for a frame that's wide at the bottom. This will make your face look extra beautiful in the sun.

- You have a long narrow face
  Choose a nice big pair of sunglasses. These sunglasses compensate fantastically and look good on you.


And last but not least: sunglasses are of course there to protect your eyes against UV rays. So chose sunglasses that fit your face well. And don't forget your UV-resistant clothing, UV hat or cap and sunscreen. UV-Fashions has it all for you for babies, boys, girls, women and men. We already have sunglasses for the little ones. Shop your favorite sunglasses today!

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