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UV swim shirts for girls


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UV-swim shirt girls

To ensure that girls are optimally protected from the sun and the harmful UV-rays, a swim shirt is very handy! We all know that girls need to be kept out of the bright sun, but even in the shade, their sensitive skins can be affected by UV-rays. UVA-rays pass through clouds and glass and exposure to too many UVA-rays can lead to skin diseases later in life. For this reason, we recommend that every parent with girls buy a UV-swim shirt.

Why a UV-swim shirt for a girl?

  • A swim shirt offers girls optimal protection against harmful sun rays
  • It protects by factor 50+
  • You don't have to constantly apply sunscreen to the parts covered by the UV-swim shirt
  • Swim shirts give all-day protection against UV-rays
  • Wears light and fits snugly to the body
  • A UV-swim shirt dries quickly after swimming.

What is a UV- swim shirt for girls, and how does it work?

Our UV-swim shirts for girls protect against UV-rays thanks to the high-quality fabrics. The girls' UV-swim shirts of our top brands are made of various special materials, all the best possible quality. The top brand Coolibar makes swim shirts with the SUNTECT® technique: Other brands use different materials and methods for a swim shirt. Every UV-swim shirt for girls at UV-Fashions is made of the best possible quality and offers optimal sun protection. All fabrics of our UV-swim shirts for girls are breathable and have an insulating effect. A UV-Fashions swim shirt offers girls the same protection as a factor 50.

Girls can safely swim with a UV-swim shirt for girls

At UV-Fashions we have both UV-shirts for leisure and UV-swim shirts for girls. UV-swim shirts are completely waterproof. The water has no effect on the UV-protective function of a swim shirt. The shirts dry quickly and can be worn on the beach and in the water.

Protective UV-swim shirts from top brands

UV-Fashions has a wide range of UV-resistant clothing. We offer several top brands such as Coolibar, Snapper Rock, O'Neill, Beach and Bandits, Petit Crabe and Lässig. We only sell UV-shirts from brands that deliver the best quality. These brands protect the best, work with quality materials and design the hippest designs. We understand that parents want the best for their children and therefore offer the best swim shirts available on the market. A UV-swim shirt is an essential item in every girl's closet. You will find a UV-swim shirt in the following sizes: 98-104, 110-116, 122-128, 134-140, 146-152, 158-164 and 170-176.

Buy a UV-swim shirt for girls

A UV-swim shirt can be ordered easily and inexpensively at UV-Fashions. We offer fast delivery, plenty of opportunities to exchange or return, and you can always pay in a way that feels most familiar to you. We ship your items almost immediately after your order. This means that an order placed before 5:30 pm. will be delivered within 2-3 working days. Because we work together with multiple payment agencies, we give you a wide choice of payment methods. So don't wait any longer and order such a trendy and handy UV-swim shirt for girls.

A swim shirt for a child

A swim shirt for a child is a UV-shirt, which is fully water resistant and protects your child from dangerous UV rays. The swim shirts from UV-Fashions are made from UV-protected fabrics, which protects your child against the sun with a 50+ factor. This means that your child can be fully protected in the sun for at least 8 hours (500 minutes), if wearing a UV-swim shirt. A swim shirt for a child is not only UV-protected, it is also isolating and quick-drying! So your child can take a dive in the cool water, and he or she will be warmed up in no time!


The fabrics of a swim shirt for a child

A swim shirt for a child protects against the dangerous UV-rays thanks to the special weaving of the fabrics, and not certain chemical treatments. Each swim shirt can have a different fabric, but each shirt has the best possible UV-protection and shields minimal 93% of all UV rays. The well-known brand Coolibar uses SUNTECT®: millions of tiny particles of zink oxide are embedded in each fiber. Zink oxide is used in better sunscreens to block UVA & UVB.


The product range of swim shirts for children

A swim shirt for a child is in most cases UV-protected. The skin of children is very sensitive for UV rays. Studies show that if children of a young age got badly burned by the sun several times, that when they get older their risk of developing skin cancer will be much higher. It’s the mission of UV-Fashions to help to create a cancer free generation to offer the best UV-protected swim wear to your child. If you are looking for a swim shirt for your child you are with UV-Fashions at the right address. Our children collection has a wide range of colorful, sweet and cool swim shirts from different leading brands. For example the shirts from Beach & Bandits with cheerful pastel colors or the swim shirt with sharks from Snapper Rock. Because of the elastic fabric lycra your child can enjoy playing in the water. A swim shirt for a child feels extra comfortable, thanks to the thoughtful designs of the leader brands. This UV shirt offers your child the optimum protection against the sun. Also, the trendy UV shirts are very fashionable. Our swim shirts offer a protection of 50+ (UPF), other retailers sell their shirts with 30+ (UPF). Our collection is suitable for toddlers and children from age 3-16 years.


Order a swim shirt at UV-Fashions

At UV-Fashions you will find a swim shirt for your child with short or long sleeves. Our UV swim shirts come in very different models. If you order you will get the swimwear for your child in 2 -3 working days delivered at home. Our customers can also pay with Afterpay. Are you not satisfied with your swim shirt? You can exchange your shirt for free. Curious about our children collection? View our entire collection above and shop simply for a swim shirt for your child at UV-Fashions.



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