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Swim tunics for women


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Swim tunics for women at UV-Fashions

A swim tunic for women from UV-Fashions is a great outfit to enjoy the sun outside. A swim tunic is a kind of combination between a dress and a long T-shirt, where everyone has a different definition. But with UV-Fashions it's not about the definition but about the effect and the design. In principle, our UV-resistant swim tunics are especially suitable to go in the water, but of course you can also use these swim tunics on the street without a beach day on the agenda. That's the great thing about most UV-Fashions swimwear, it's multi-purpose. Do you choose to go for a long walk this weekend? Even then it's important to be well protected against UV-rays, so a swim tunic for women is an excellent choice.

Order UV-resistant swim tunics online

With a swim tunic for women, your body is well protected against the UV-rays of the sun. But don't forget to apply sunscreen on the body parts that are not covered. Try to apply sunscreen at least every two hours and also think about your head and face. Burns are always lurking there. So take a look at our sun hats and sunglasses. And making it difficult with wet clothes that have to dry again or stick when you come out of the water is also a thing of the past. It dries really fast, so you put it on when you leave and only take it off when you get home. Enjoy the sun, order a swim tunic for women at UV-Fashions.

Buy UV-protective swim tunics

At UV-Fashions you can order your favorite swim tunic quickly and easily, so you can go into the sun this weekend. We don't just want you to enjoy the sun, we want you to enjoy our service as well. So you can pay with us through different, of course, certified and 100% secure payment methods. Think of iDEAL, PayPal or for example with your credit card. And orders placed Monday through Friday before 5:30 pm., will be delivered within 2-3 working days. So don't wait any longer and protect yourself, in a stylish way, against the sun with a tunic for women from UV-Fashions.

Swim Tunic

Looking for a nice swim tunic for a perfect day at the water? Then you are in the right place at UV-Fashions. In our collection you will find swim tunics that not only look good, but also provide optimal UV protection.


Swim Tunics by Coolibar

In our assortment we have UV tunics by Coolibar in various colors, for example in blue or blue with white stripes, made of Aqua SUNTECT® material. The swim tunics by Coolibar also offer a UV protection of UPF 50+. This means that 98% of the UV rays are blocked. By the way, you can even wear these tunics in the swimming pool or in the sea because salt and chlorine cannot damage them. Some tunics have a zipper on the neck and a drawstring on the side. Coolibar's swim tunics are especially suitable for people who need to take extra care when protecting their skin from UV rays.


UV Swim Tunics

UV clothing is essential to protect your skin optimally from the sun. The UV clothing from our collection is fashionable, yet at the same time UV protective and can also be easily cleaned after a day on the beach. While dirt and sand can easily be washed out, the UV protection remains the same with every wash. So you can always be sure that you are optimally protected from the sun. At UV Fashions we have a wide selection of UV clothing for babies, children, women and men in addition to our UV swim tunics.


Buy Swim Tunics

Buy swim tunics that are ideal for swimming or doing sports easily and conveniently at UV-Fashions! Our tunics can also be combined with the UV swim leggings from our collection. In addition, we also have a large selection of accessories for women, such as sunglasses, sunscreen and beach sandals. Browse our broad collection and find your new favorite pieces today. Buy swim tunics at UV-Fashions to be fashionably sun safe!

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