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UV visors for women


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Sun visor for women

Do you like nature and outdoor activities? Then a sun visor for women should not be missing from your outdoor wardrobe. Whether it's for gardening, sports or boating, a sun visor or visor optimally protects the sensitive skin of your face.

Protect your face from sun and UV-damage with a sun visor

When you like to be active during the sunny seasons, your skin has a hard time. Therefore, apply sunscreen well and wear a sun visor for women that keeps your face in the shade. This is a hat that is open at the top and adjustable at the back. The open top prevents your hair from flattening after wearing it, as is the case with a closed hat or cap. There are also sun visors or visors that are closed at the top, which helps when your hair gets thinner and you want your scalp to be well protected against sun damage and UV-rays.

A fashionable sun visor for women

UV-Fashions offers a wide range of sun visors for women from brands such as Scala or Tropical Trends. All of them are beautiful ones that can be seen on the golf course or by the pool. For example of canvas with UPF50+ that stops 98% of the harmful sun and UV-rays or a braided visor that complements your outfit. If you order a nice sun visor before 5:30 pm. today, you'll have it within 2-3 working days! Maybe it's also nice to surprise a friend or family member with such a beautiful sun visor. An ideal accessory to protect your face this season.

The sun visor

A sun visor optimally protects the face from sun and UV damage. By wearing a sun visor, your face falls into the shade, which not only protects your face better against harmful external influences, but also reduces your eyes' exposure to UV rays. This can be quite damaging to your vision. A sun visor alone is not enough, you also need to apply sunscreen with SPF30+, because even in the shade the skin can burn. You can also combine a sun visor with other UV clothing.


Wear a sun visor: prevention is better than cure

A sun visor can help protect your skin from the strong sun. Have you experienced any form of skin cancer in the past? Then you know better than anyone else that it is extremely important to protect your skin in sunny weather. With a fashionable sun visor, this can be achieved to a large extent, because most sun visors in the range are made of UV-resistant materials that largely block out harmful rays. Also, point out to your surroundings the importance of wearing a protective sun visor, because they may not be as alert as you are.


When do you wear a sun visor?

You can wear a sun visor on many occasions. It is an ideal accessory for men or women when playing golf, but also when gardening, sailing, playing tennis or swimming. Especially if you don't want your hair to be flat after wearing a cap, a sun visor with an open-top is a great solution, because it prevents your hair from being crushed at the top. Most sun visors are adjustable and often washable, so extra hygienic and versatile.


Ordering your sun visor easily online

In the web shop of UV-Fashions you will find sun visors for men and sun visors for women from brands such as Dorfman Pacific, Scala and Tropical Trends. All beautiful to look at and comfortable to wear. If you order a sun visor or visor today, you will have it within 2-3 working days.

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