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Bikinis: fashionable and protective

If you want to protect your skin against harmful UV-rays, UV-Fashions is the right place for you. The specialist of UV-clothing also has high quality UV-bikinis in its range for women and girls. For women, the bottoms and tops can be mixed and matched, as part of the bikini bottoms and tops are sold separately. The bikinis for girls are available in sets in various fun prints and colors. Almost all women's and girls' bikinis on our website have a high protection factor of UPF 50+. This means that 98% of UV-rays are blocked before they reach the skin. With the UV-bikinis from UV-Fashions you know that the skin underneath the bikini is well protected against UV-radiation. The fabric of the UV-bikini feels very comfortable on the skin and also dries quickly. The UV-protection cannot be washed out even with frequent use and will therefore last for many years. With a matching UV-skirt and UV-shirt for girls or women, your outfit for the beach or pool is complete.

Bikini brands

In our assortment we have beautiful, feminine bikinis from renowned brands. UV-Fashions has an extensive collection of functional and fashionable UV-protective clothing. For children, the Snapper Rock UV-bikinis are very popular because of their bright colors and beautiful designs. For women, Cabana Life scores very high with the high quality UV-bikinis in different colors and designs. This brand focuses on fashionable women and the clothing of this brand is regularly seen in trendy places like Club 55 at St. Tropez or Nikki Beach in Miami and of course in The Hamptons.

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UV-Fashions stands for quality and UV-protection for the whole family. We also have men's and boys' swimwear in our range. See also the beautiful accessories for women to go with the bikini, such as UV-sunscreens, UV-sunglasses or flip-flops.

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If you want to effectively protect your skin from harmful UV rays, you are in the right place at UV-Fashions. The specialist for UV protective clothing offers high-quality women's UV bikinis in their assortment, which you can combine with one another at will, as bikini bottoms and bikini top are sold separately. The bikinis for girls, however, are available in a set. Women’s and children's bikinis each have a high protection factor of UPF 50+. This means that 98% of UV rays are blocked before they reach the skin. With bikinis from UV-Fashions you can be sure that your skin is well protected.


UV Bikinis from renowned Brands

UV-Fashions stands for quality and UV protection for the whole family. For this reason, UV-Fashions only offers bathing and beachwear from renowned brands that specialize in functional yet fashionable UV protective clothing. For kids, the Snapper Rock UV bikinis are very popular because of their bright colors and fun designs. For the ladies, Cabana Life scores with its high-quality UV bikinis in various colours and beautiful patterns. The fabric of a UV bikini feels very comfortable on the skin and is also fast drying. The UV protection can not be washed out, even with frequent usage, and therefore stays for years to come. Cabana Life's UV bikinis blend well with other items of their UV protective clothing range. With a matching swim skirt or a swim shirt, your outfit for the beach will be perfect.

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