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Lip balm

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Sun protection for the lips

Sun protection for the lips should be as much a part of your equipment for sunny days as sun protection for the rest of the body. Children's sensitive skin has very limited protection against ultraviolet rays and dehydration. The skin on the lips is also thinner than in other places, so sunburn on the lips can be very painful. For this reason you should protect the mouths of your little ones by using sufficient sun protection. Otherwise, it can come to unpleasantly cracked lips and sunburn. UV-Fashions offers you lip balm from the Dutch company Drs Leenarts with a sun protection factor of 25. This protects the lips of your little ones from UVA and UVB rays. The sunscreen also contains nourishing macadamia oil and vitamin E. As the lip balm does not contain any fragrances or additional aromas, it is also suitable for the most sensitive lips.


Order UV protection of any kind from UV-Fashions

You will not only find sun protection for your lips or skin at UV-Fashions, but also everything else around the topic of UV protection for the whole family. UV-Fashions offers you a large selection of UV-protective clothing as well as liquid UV-protection for the little ones and adults. Sun creams, sprays and lotions with different sun protection factors can be ordered quickly and easily online. At UV-Fashions you can always find the right sunscreen for your children with sensitive skin. We also offer after sun products. After sun Spray or Lotion is exactly the right product for the delicate skin of children after a strenuous day in the sun. The skin is cared for and can regenerate better. If you order online at UV-Fashions today, you can look forward to your sun protection products in your home within 2-3 days!

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