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UV bathing suits for women


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  1. O'Neill---Performance-bathingsuit-for-women---Logo---Nairobi-Red
    O'Neill - Performance bathingsuit for women - Logo - Nairobi Red
    As low as 60.99 50.40
  2. Cabana-Life---UPF-50+-Orange-Drive---1-pc.
    Cabana Life - UPF 50+ Orange Drive - 1 pc.
    As low as 120.99 99.99
  3. Cabana-Life---UV-resistant-swimsuit-for-ladies---Blue/White
    Cabana Life - UV resistant swimsuit for ladies - Blue/White
    As low as 120.99 99.99
  4. Billabong---One-piece-swimsuit-for-women-with-long-sleeves---Tropic-Bodysuit---UPF50+---Black-Pebble
    Billabong - One-piece swimsuit for women with long sleeves - Tropic Bodysuit - UPF50+ - Black Pebble
    As low as 55.49 45.86
  5. Roxy---UV-Swimsuit-for-women---Long-sleeve-onesie---Into-The-Sun---UPF50---Mood-Indigo-Tropical-Depth
    Roxy - UV Swimsuit for women - Long sleeve onesie - Into The Sun - UPF50 - Mood Indigo Tropical Depth
    As low as 95.49 78.92
  6. Roxy---UV-Swimsuit-for-women---Long-sleeve-onesie---UPF50---Bright-White-Subtly-Salty-Flat
    Roxy - UV Swimsuit for women - Long sleeve onesie - UPF50 - Bright White Subtly Salty Flat
    As low as 88.49 73.13
  7. Roxy---UV-Bathingsuit-for-women---Pop-Surf-with-open-back---Long-sleeve---Regatta
    Roxy - UV Bathingsuit for women - Pop Surf with open back - Long sleeve - Regatta
    As low as 103.99 85.94
  8. Roxy---UV-Bathingsuit-for-women---Open-back---Long-sleeve---Palm-Tree-Dreams
    Roxy - UV Bathingsuit for women - Open back - Long sleeve - Palm Tree Dreams
    As low as 92.99 76.85
  9. Roxy---UV-Bathingsuit-for-women---Roxy-Active-with-half-zipper---Long-sleeve---Floral-Flow---Anthracite
    Roxy - UV Bathingsuit for women - Roxy Active with half zipper - Long sleeve - Floral Flow - Anthracite
    As low as 103.99 85.94
  10. Roxy---UV-Bathingsuit-for-women---Surf-&-Roxy-with-zipper---Long-sleeve---Island-Time---Cool-Blue
    Roxy - UV Bathingsuit for women - Surf & Roxy with zipper - Long sleeve - Island Time - Cool Blue
    As low as 92.99 76.85
  11. Roxy---UV-Bathingsuit-for-women---Beach-Sporty-with-half-zipper---Long-sleeve---Island-Vibes---Anthracite
    Roxy - UV Bathingsuit for women - Beach Sporty with half zipper - Long sleeve - Island Vibes - Anthracite
    As low as 92.99 76.85
  12. Roxy---UV-Bathingsuit-for-women---Essentials-with-half-zipper---Short-sleeve---True-Black
    Roxy - UV Bathingsuit for women - Essentials with half zipper - Short sleeve - True Black
    As low as 59.99 49.58
  13. Roxy---UV-Bathingsuit-for-women---Longsleeve---Moonlight-Splash---Mood-Indigo/White
    Roxy - UV Bathingsuit for women - Longsleeve - Moonlight Splash - Mood Indigo/White
    As low as 98.49 81.40
  14. Roxy---UV-Bathingsuit-for-women---Essentials-with-half-zipper---Long-sleeve---True-Black
    Roxy - UV Bathingsuit for women - Essentials with half zipper - Long sleeve - True Black
    As low as 70.99 58.67
  15. Roxy---UV-Bathingsuit-for-women---Longsleeve---Fitness-SD---Anthracite
    Roxy - UV Bathingsuit for women - Longsleeve - Fitness SD - Anthracite
    As low as 92.99 76.85
  16. Coolibar---UV-Longsleeve-bathingsuit-for-women---Escalante---Black/White
    Coolibar - UV Longsleeve bathingsuit for women - Escalante - Black/White
    Regular Price 132.99 As low as 72.99 60.32
    Color: Black
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    • Green


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Bathing suits for girls and ladies

What could be more summery than a nice bathing suit? In our webshop the choice is huge. We have cool single coloured bathing suits, but also UV-bathing suits with cool patterns. For example, our beautiful bathing suits decorated with strawberries, fish, stars, flowers, jellyfish and palm trees. Your little princess will have a splashing performance in the pool.


Bathing suits with UV-protection

Our UV-bathing suits provide all day UV-protection on the parts covered by the bathing suit. There is no need to apply sunscreen in these areas every two hours. The protection of the UV-fabric is not reduced by swimming in chlorinated pool water or by the salt of the sea. All UV-swimwear in our collection is made of a protective material, with an SPF of 50+. And the collection is very extensive: we also have UV-swimwear for girls and boys, with short or long sleeves! We also have UV-swim shirts, UV-swim shorts and various UV-resistant accessories for children and adults.


Bathing suits from top brands

UV-Fashions has several top brands in its range: Molo, Lässig, Petit Crabe, Beach & Bandits, Playshoes and Snapper Rock in the collection. Are you looking for a special UV-bathing suit? Then use our practical filter system to search for clothing size, brand and colour, so you can quickly find the UV-clothing you want and meets your exact requirements. The bathing suits are easy to combine with other products from our shop. Also have a look at the page with UV-clothing for girls and the page with UV-clothing for women.


Buying a bathing suit

At UV-Fashions we try to inform you as well as possible about our UV-clothing. If you have any questions about a UV-bathing suit for girls or any of our other UV-products, our personal customer service will be happy to help. Would you like more information? See our customer service page. Ordering girls' and women bathing suits online from UV-Fashions is easy and fast.

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