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Making sun protection fashionable

Welcome to our brand page! 

At UV-Fashions you will find the best premium brands for sun protective clothing available worldwide. We made sure to only pick the good stuff to distribute in Europe. Like this our one-stop-UV-shop will provide you with excellent sun protection from head to toe for all ages, so your entire family can defy those harmful uv rays. Want to know what kind of brands you can shop on our website? Take a look down below to discover the freshest UV fashion!



Snapper Rock UV collection

Snapper Rock

The clothing by Snapper Rock was developed by a sailing enthusiast from New Zealand, who discovered the advantages of sturdy and cute UV protective clothing for children from 0 to 12 years in 2003. The collection offers a wide range of board shorts, shirts, hats and caps that have been designed with the latest trends in mind.

You can find all our stylish children clothing by Snapper Rock here.

Cabana life collectie

Cabana Life

Finally a UV protective clothing brand with an international reputation: Cabana Life. With its playful colours and prints, this American brand knows how to make you dream of an island vacation. The founder Melissa Papock had been inspired to make uv-protective clothing for fashion-conscious women, after she herself survived melanoma but still wanted to dress in style. All the Cabana Life items carry the patented SkinSafe™-technology and provide uv-protection of UPF50+. The uv protection stays intact even after many washes, and the material prevents skin irritation like f.e. eczema, while being quick drying and suitable for swimming. No wonder that you can see celebreties wear the pretty designs of Cabana Life when celebrating life in trendy places like Club 55 in Saint Tropez, or Nikki Beach in Miami and, of course, the Hamptons. UV-Fashions brought this brand exclusively to Europe for us all to upgrade our summer wardrobe with their sun safe essentials.

Shop the Cabana Life collection here.




With Coolibar anyone is able to enjoy the sun safely and experience a healthy, active outdoor lifestyle. The company was founded nearly 20 years ago and grew to be one of the most trusted manufacturers in UV-protective clothing worldwide. Their expertise and high quality production earned them a recommendation by the American Skin Cancer Foundation, which is no surprise, considering how all of Coolibar’s clothes are UPF50+ rated and meant to last. This is ensured by testing the fabric rigorously before production, such as washing it more than 40 times and exposing it to over 100 hours of UV-light. It is safe to say that clothing by Coolibar will protect against the sun even after many uses and wash cycles. What’s more, is that Coolibar uses the latest findings of research on UV-radiation in Australia to improve their products constantly. Coolibar clothing and products are also recommended by the American Skin Cancer Foundation, the Melanoma International Foundation and the American Academy of Dermatology.

You can find the Coolibar products here.


Playshoes uv zwemkleding


Playshoes is a German brand specialised in safe and comfy clothes for children. With their large colourful assortment of UV protective clothing you can dress your child in one style from head to toe: hat, shirt, shorts and shoes! 

Click here for the Playshoes collection. 




The quality brand JuJa comes from the Netherlands and has been especially developed for children. JuJa was founded by Jan Willem van der Sterre, who lost his father to skin cancer. Since then he has had one mission: to help prevent skin cancer. JuJa is named after his children Julia and James, whom he wants to protect from dangerous UV radiation just like all other children, and thereby reduce the risk of skin damage. JuJa's light, breathable UV clothing is UPF 50+ certified, which means that more than 98% of all UV radiation is blocked. JuJa embraces minimalism and features sporty, practical designs. With JuJa, children can enjoy water sports, swimming and beach fun with no worries.

Click here for the JuJa collection.



Beverly Kids 

The UV protective floatation suits by Beverly Kids make sure that your child can enjoy carefree fun in and out of the water. The new stylish collection includes many different cheerful designs, with patterns and colours for every taste. Beverly Kids offers UV protective flotation suits that not only protect your child’s skin and keep it cool, but also look adorable.

Here you'll find the Beverly Kids collection.


puddle jumpers

Puddle Jumper

The Puddle Jumpers are designed for your kids to play in water without you having to worry about their safety. This sturdy construction is similar to a life jacket with an adjustable waistband and keeps your child afloat. This helps your child to hold its head above water while swimming. The individual parts of this swimming aid are firmly connected and made of a durable material. No inflation is necessary, so that your child can enjoy splashy fun in the water any time!

Check out the Puddle Jumper collection here.


'Lässig' means easy-going in German and that is exactly what this brand stands for; kids clothing in which children can move freely and feel at ease, which also helps parents to keep a their cool. Lässig, also spelled laessig, releases a new colourful collection every season, full of essentials for children who love to play outside and build sandcastles on the beach. Using eco-friendly and recyclable materials, the UV-resistant t-shirts, swimming trunks, rashguards and other items protect the young skin against the harmful effects of UVA and UVB radiation. Let your child enjoy the outdoors with Lässig's beautiful UV clothing!

Find all our Lässig products here.


swimfin voor kinderen


Your child still needs a little support when swimming? The SwimFin gives children more stability in the water, and on top of that a great deal of self-confidence. This awesome swimming aid rests on the body's center of gravity and keeps the kids in balance while swimming. This way they can learn swimming the cool and easy way!

Click here for the SwinFin collection.

 O'Neill UV-Kleidung


Thanks to their special Hyperdry technology, surf and swimwear by O'Neill dries extremely quickly. The brand has been popular in surfer circles since long. It was founded in 1952 by Jack O'Neill and is now one of the best available brands for outdoor clothing. We've added O'Neill's high-quality UV-bathing shirts and comfortable flip-flops for kids and adults to our range of UV-clothing.

You can find all the items we offer from O'Neill here.



Ipanema is a stylish Brazilian flipflop brand that is named after one of the most exotic and famous beaches in the world. The flipflops are available in lots of different trendy colours and styles. Ipanema also has lots of different beautiful sandals: even for the little ones. The flipflops are available in over a hundred different countries and the material is made of a sustainable invention called Flexpand. There are nice small Brazilian details that you can find back in the flipflops. Enjoy the waves and feel the sand with your feet wearing the trendy flipflops of Ipanema!



Are you going on vacation to a beautiful sand beach where the sun shines? Duukies beach socks are the perfect companion for you and your kids, whether you’re playing on the beach or swimming in the sea. Their soles protect against hot sand, sharp stones and shells, while the fabric blocks about 98% of harmful UV radiation with a UPF 50. The cozy beach socks were launched by the Dutch mother Carlien van Hemert – while on holiday in Spain, her children complained about the hot sand hurting their feet. Named after her eldest son, Duuk, the beach socks are now available in many different colours and patterns. Browse through our collection and find the perfect beach socks for kids and adults.

Here you can find the newest collection of Duukies beach socks.

 Rigon Headwear Collection

Rigon Headwear

Rigon Headwear has been producing fashionable headwear since 1974 . The Australian brand still refers to itself as a family business, but is now a successful distributor of sun protective headgear throughout the world. Designed by a team of Danish and Australian designers for international fashion and backed by in-depth knowledge of headgear, fashion, fabrics, accessories and manufacturing techniques, Rigon Headwear hats are not only stylish and trendy, they are even recommended by the Cancer Council of Australia and the Skin & Cancer Foundation of Australia.

Check out the Rigon Headwear collection here.




Since 1988, Scala has combined style with function in classic or modern design - Scala hats are perfect for any occasion, whether chic or casual, whether for travel or special occasions, on vacation or in everyday life! Scala is a sister company of Dorfman Pacific – and you can tell by the quality and expertise that goes into their products. Our collection consists mostly of hats with a sun protection factor of UPF50+, which makes them perfect for all sun worshipers.

Shop the Scala collection here.


Dorfman mannen hoeden

Dorfman Pacific

The fashionable and practical Dorfman Pacific sun hats are the perfect summer headgear! The American headwear company has been around since 1921, nowadays offering a wide range of brands and hat models. You will find classic styles such as Outback, Safari and Boonies but also practical hats made of beautiful fabrics such as Supplex® nylon. This material prevents sweating by Coolmax® technology and provides UPF50+ sun protection. Dorfman Pacific hats are suitable for outdoor sports, but are also great for gardening, walks and everyday use.

Click here for the Dorfman Pacific collection. 



Buff is a cool, sporty brand that specializes in UV-protective scarves and caps. Buff is known for its innovative tubular scarves with stylish prints that are useful all year round and can be worn in a variety of ways: Around the neck, but also on the head and as a protective face mask. Another well-known Buff item is the foldable, UV-protective cap, which you can easily carry in your pocket. When unfolded, the cap returns to its original shape. Buff offers high quality products for babies and children as well as adults.

Check out the awesome accessories by Buff here

Vapor Apparel

Vapor Apparel believes in 'less is more'. The owners Christopher Bernat and Jackson Burnett founded Vapor Apparel in 2004 in their garage. They wanted to meet the need for attractive quality clothing after having worked in the clothing industry for several years. Meanwhile this brand has reached popularity for its good value for money. Vapor Apparel offers several high quality fabrics manufactured using advanced technologies, such as "UPX 50+ Sunscreen" with UPF 50+ or "M-Shield Technology". The latter is based on zinc and fights bacteria that cause unpleasant odours, which is a great way to keep feeling fresh when working out or hiking.

For reliable Essentials nothing but the Vapor Apparel collection!



The Danish children's brand Molo is inspired by a child's imagination instead of focusing on the parents' style preferences. Molo’s clothing line is full of childlike fantasy and character, urban, eye-catching and colorful. Children from zero to sixteen love the bold, unique prints of Molo. Skateboards, whales, horses: With Molo kids can show off what they’re into. This makes the special style by Molo so attractive. In addition to the cool designs, this UV-protective clothing also offers reliable quality. The quick-drying material is perfect for the sea, swimming pools and lakes, and provides a protection factor of UPF40 +. This means that 97.5% of all UV rays are blocked by the fabric. As Molo strives for sustainability, the company has adopted a Code of Conduct based on the ten principles of the UN Global Compact. Like this, you can let the quirky Molo collection brighten up your day in good conscience!

To discover Molo click here



Petit Crabe

Petit Crabe

Based on the Scandinavian values of simplicity and functionality, Petit Crabe creates tasteful UV protective swimwear and accessories. The mission of Petit Crabe is to produce exclusive, stylish and comfortable swimwear that both younger and older children enjoy. Naturally, the clothing protects against the harmful effects of the sun. Each collection consists of items that are perfect for some creative mix and matching.

Click here for the collection of Petit Crabe.


Swimpy uv zwemkleding


Swimpy is a Swedish brand that carries all your children's favourite Disney character swimwear. The collection includes: Spiderman, Nemo, Minnie Mouse, Little Mermaid and more! In addition to sun protective clothes, Swimpy also produces a range of swimming aids like floaties and swimming vests.

Check out the Swimpy collection here.


zonnebrillen voor kinderen


BabyBanz were originally designed in Australia for one of the world's toughest UV environments. Clinically tested by one of the world's leading authorities on sunglasses, BabyBanz have passed the most stringent standards on sunglasses in the world. They are not only safe for babys’ eyes, they are also very comfortable and with their colourful variations they are a cute must-have accessory for the sunny weather – no matter if it’s summer or winter!

Click here to see more of the BabyBanz collection.


Careplus zonnebrand


Sunlight consists out of two kinds of light: the visible light that has colour, and the light that we are unable to see: ultraviolet rays (UV-rays) and infrared light. In small amounts UV-rays are healthy. For example, it stimulates the production of vitamin D, which helps keeping bones healthy. However, if too many UV-rays touch the skin it gets damaged in the long term. Therefore protect your skin that is exposed to the light especially when travelling. Care Plus® sun screen is a great choice for people with sensitive skin and will keep pesky sunburns at bay.

Click here for the Care Plus skin care products.



This convenient detergent additive was developed by YOU&UV to make your daily clothes UV-resistant. The Dutch company hopes to help people to enjoy their life better protected. Simply add one cap of UVwash to your laundry and considerably increase the protection of your everyday clothes. A plain T-shirt provides protection between UPF 5 and 15. After a wash with UVwash your clothes will have, depending on the type of fabric, a protection factor of UPF 30+ to UPF 50+. It sounds magical but it works!

 Click here to learn more about the UVwash by YOU&UV.


Beach and Bandits 

Beach & Bandits

Beach & Bandits was founded in 2015 by Dutch parents on their search for stylish, fresh beach fashion. After being disappointed by the popular brands for UV-protective clothing, they decided to make their own, so that their children could play safely in the sun, yet feel comfy and in vogue. Fashion conscious children will love Beach & Bandits for their dreamy colours, cool prints and cute hand drawn illustrations!

Click here for the Beach & Bandits collection. 


This original Dutch brand has been producing high quality clothing for water sports like kite surfing and wind surfing since the 80s. ProLimit is a popular manufacturer of wetsuits and UV-protective boardshorts and rashguards for women, men and children. All clothes by ProLimit have been designed to dry quickly and help avoid skin irritation thanks to their anti-chafe flat lock seams. This is why the UV-swimshirts from UV-Fashions by ProLimit are a great choice for all the sports-minded beach lovers out there.

Click here for the Prolimit collection. 

  Real Kids Shades

Real Kids Shades / Real Shades

Since 2002 Real Kids Shades has been on a mission to produce the best sun protection for children’s eyes, to prevent harm from the damaging effects of UV radiation. Therefore Real Kids Shades makes sunglasses for children that offer 100% UV-protection thanks to their optical grade polycarbonate lenses, while being durable and inexpensive. This way, all children can protect their eyes from the sun in style!

Click here for the Real Kids Shades collection. 




Nivea was founded over 130 years ago. What started with a cream has evolved into an extensive collection of products including sunscreen products. Nivea offers different products for every skin type, because every type of skin has its own special requirements. Nivea’s skin care products are available for children and adults.

Click here to see all Nivea products.



Since 1882 Eucerin has been producing products of scientific importance which have proven to be skin-friendly and effective. Eucerin offers a wide range of sun protection products, even for the most sensitive skin – because Eucerin has a solution for every skin problem.

Click here to see all Eucerin products.




Vision products are high-quality sunscreen products with the unique, patented LyphaZomeTM technology for long-lasting protection from the sun. All products are perfume-free and waterproof. The collection includes sunscreen sprays and sunscreen mousse for children and adults.

Click here to see all Vision products.




In 1904 Alfred Amour Garnier launched his first hair shampoo 'La Lotion Garnier', which was based on plant extracts. Garnier now offers a wide range of hair and facial care products, including sunscreen. The products are available as creams and sprays for adults and children. 

Click here to see all Garnier products.


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