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About UV-Fashions

Welcome to the website of UV-Fashions, the importer and wholesaler in fashionable 
UV resistant swimwear, casual wear and hats in Europe. We only import first class 
brands from Australia, New Zealand, America, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland and Sweden.
The brands include Snapper Rock, Coolibar, Beverly Kids, BabyBanz, CarePlus, Playshoes, Swimpy, and Swimfin. 

Our collections consist of UV babygors, UV kids swimwear, UV bikinis, 
UV board shorts, UV shirts, UV swimming trunks, UV caps, UV flotation jackets, UV 
hats and UV shoes. Our motto is: we can serve every beating heart.

On this website you can view and read more about our activities, fashion items and our 
reasons for marketing this clothing. If you as a consumer are interested in our products, 
click the ‘Sales Points’ button. We at UV-Fashions love the sun, but we would point out 
that UV rays can be harmful. Which explains our slogan: Sun. Fun. Play on.

Vision: UV protective clothing is fashionable
UV-Fashions continually markets new, chic and attractive brands of the best quality. 
We generally search throughout the world for UV innovations. The quality, appearance 
and functionality of the product play the main role. Our vision? To be the leading authority 
in Europe in the area of UV clothing.

UV protection is vital
Almost all research shows that too much UV radiation from the sun is damaging to people’s 
health, and can cause various types of cancer, including skin cancer. In recent years, skin 
cancer has become the most frequently occurring type of cancer in the Netherlands. If children 
up to and including the age of 8 are badly burned by the sun one or more times, when they are 
older their risk of developing skin cancer will be twice as high. Since the ozone layer is becoming 
thinner and thinner, the risk is increasing. More and more people in Europe are becoming aware 
of this risk.Nevertheless, the sales of UV protective clothing are relatively low. UV-Fashions is 
set to change this. 

UV-Fashions: a mission
UV-Fashions is an initiative of Jan Willem van der Sterre from the Netherlands (photo). Sadly, 
a few years ago his father died from skin cancer. Shortly after his father’s death, his sister had 
her first baby. In the knowledge that they should protect their child properly from the sun, Jan 
Willem’s sister and her husband sought the ultimate protection and thus discovered the baby suits 
by the Australian brand, Stingray. However, after a great deal of searching, they could not find 
these suits for sale in a single shop in the Netherlands. With that disappointment in mind, Jan Willem
contacted the manufacturer in Australia in order to obtain the importership for this attractive product
for the Benelux countries.

From that time, Jan Willem decided to devote himself to expanding the supply of UV protective 
swimwear and casual wear in Europe. A part of the profits of UV-Fashions will go to the 
UV Protection Foundation (which is in the process of being established).



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