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UV tankinis for girls


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Tankinis for girls

Of course, you can order a tankini for girls online at UV-fashions.com. We have a wide range of UV tankinis that protect your little girl from sun and UV-damage. A tankini consists of a bikini bottom and a top that looks like a shirt. There are many tankinis for girls with beautiful prints and in bright colors, so she looks like a bird of paradise on the beach. That's nice, because you can recognize her from a distance when she's swimming or busy on the beach. Brands like Snapper Rock make super trendy tankinis for girls of all ages and in different sizes, so you can find something that suits your girl every season.

What's so convenient about a tankini?

That's a question you might have asked yourself once in a while, but to which the answer isn't quite clear yet. First, a tankini is more convenient than a bathing suit, because thanks to the loose pants girls can easily go to the toilet with it and they can put it on themselves from an early age. Next to that, a UV-tankini contains just a little more fabric than a regular bikini, so a larger part of the body is protected against the sun and UV-rays, including the back and abdomen. This is very important for growing up children, because it prevents skin problems in adulthood. Finally, tankinis for girls are great fun to mix and match, so just wear the bottom of one tankini with the top of another and your girl will create her own style. Good for her self-confidence and creativity!

Ordering tankinis at UV-Fashions.com>/h2>

Why drag your daughter to the stores and find out they don't have what she likes or what you think is right for her? Ordering online tankinis from Snapper Rock at UV-Fashions is faster, smarter and more convenient. If you order today before 5:30 pm., you'll have it within 2-3 working days and your young lady can fit it at home at her convenience. Also, great when you're almost on vacation and really need to score a tankini!

A Tankini provides more UV Protection

Anyone who doubts between a bikini and a swimsuit can always opt for the tankini, which, with its long top, is the perfect alternative to a bikini. At UV-Fashions we also know the added value of the tankini, and we have a variety of tankini tops in our assortment, which can be perfectly combined with our bikini bottoms. Thanks to the long top, the skin on the stomach and back is completely covered and thus perfectly protected. All tankini tops from UV-Fashions offer a high protection factor of UPF 50+, which means that 98% of UV rays are blocked.


Playful Tankinis for Kids

If you are looking for a tankini that offers a high level of UV protection for your kids, then UV-Fashions is the place for you. The renowned brands Snapper Rock and Lässig each offer tankinis for children and babies as a set. With its playful and colorful designs, the New Zealand brand Snapper Rock is particularly popular with children. Petit Crabe, on the other hand, also offers separate tankini tops, which can be perfectly combined with bikini bottoms or swim shorts from UV-Fashions. Children's skin is particularly sensitive to UV rays and should therefore be particularly well protected if a trip to the beach or the outdoor pool is planned. With UV-Fashions, you can be sure to find the right UV clothing for every occasion.


Fashionable Tankinis for Women by Cabana Life or Coolibar

If you think that fashionable swimwear and high-quality UV protection don’t go together, you have not discovered the wide range of UV-Fashions yet. For women, too, UV-Fashions offers a wide selection of tankini tops, which can be combined with bikini bottoms, bathing or swim shorts, and whatever else desired. While the brand Cabana Life uses fashionable designs and cheerful patterns for its tankinis, Coolibar offers classic bandeau tops in simple, elegant colors.

Browse through our range of UV protective clothing and put your outfit together for the next beach holiday. If you order from us, your new favorite UV products will reach you only within a few days!

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