Boonie hats for babies

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Cool Boonie Hats

Boonie hats are really cool. They are mostly worn by athletic guys and girls that can be found on BMX bikes on the half pipe, but a boonie is also great for less extreme hobbies such as golfing, fishing or sailing. If you choose a high-quality model, a boonie hat will accompany you for many years. Boonie hats often have an adjustable chin strap or an adjustable band on the head, so you can always wear cool boonie hats in the right size.


Boonie Hats with UPF 50+

Boonie hats with UPF 50+ make it easy for you to protect yourself from UV rays. As you know, it is important to protect your face, head and neck whenever the sun is shining. Of course, you do that by applying a good amount of sunscreen with an SPF 30 or higher, but wearing a boonie hat with UPF 50+ means you can be sure of not getting a sunburn. Brands such as Dorfman PacificCoolibarScala or Snapper Rock specializes in developing hats that protect extremely well from the sun. And boonie hats with UPF 50+ are no exception.


When do you wear a Boonie Hat?

You can put on a boonie hat during outdoor sports, but don’t forget to take it with you when traveling or going to the beach. A hat is the best sun protection available for your head, because your head is typically a place where you can quickly get a sunburn without even noticing. Play it safe and wear a boonie hat!


Boonie Hats at UV-Fashions

At UV-Fashions you can find many models of boonie hats. Buy one of these cool hats today and get it in just a few business days. Ideal for if you go on vacation soon, or if the summer suddenly breaks out in your own country! Therefore, browse through our collection and see which of our boonie hats suits you best.