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Why UV clothing?

We all enjoy long sunny days and there's a good reason for that. The sun makes you feel good by supplying the body with vitamin D, unfortunately there are downside. A sound knowledge of dealing with the sun is very important. There are many ways of enjoying the sun, whilst protecting against sunburn and UV rays. For most people, sun creme is the 'go to' solution for protection against sunburn, but sun creme is only part of the solution. Read why UV clothing is not a luxury item but a necessity. We also provide you with tips for safe enjoyment of the sun. 

UPF 50+

Our complete range of UV clothing at UV-Fashions has the maximum protection of UPF 50+. This blocks 97,5% of harmful UV-A and UV-B rays.

But what does that mean?

The best sun protection in open air is achieved by wearing UV protective clothing. They will protect you from intens ultraviolet rays (UV). True UV protection in clothing is accomplished by closely knitting the fibres together and not by any chemical process. The closer the knit, the higher the protection degree is.

The hight of UV protection in clothing is labeled as the UV protection factor or UPF. It tells you how much UV rays are blocked. Sometimes you will also hear the term SPF or Sun Protection Factor, this shows how long the wearer of the garment can protected to sun burns. It is comparable to the protection factor of sun screen. By wearing UV protective clothing the chance for sun burn is reduced, it gives protection against sun allergies and it protects against harmful UV rays.

UVA and UVB rays are electromagnetic radiation of the sun that are not visible to the human eye. UVB rays are energy-rich / strong, but only penetrate into the upper skin. They make the important vitamin D.. The more dangerous UVA rays have less energy, but penetrate deeper into the skin. Both types of radiation can cause sunburn and cancer in the skin cells. UVA rays are also responsible for sun-induced skin aging and the awakening of allergies. UV radiation increases by reflection of water. The UPF of UV-resistant clothing indicates how much of the ultraviolet radiation is stopped.

For a full UV protection, we recommend that all exposed body parts (such as feet, hands and face) are applied with (enough) sunscreen. Applying sun screen under UV clothing is unnecessary because the clothing is sufficiently protective.

Who would UV resistant clothing to wear?

The clothing is very important especially for young children. Babies under one year old should not be in the sun. Young children do not have enough protection against UV radiation, the pigment in the skin is still in development. High UV rays and sun burn should certainly be avoided. Research shows that children under 10 years who have been without much protection in the sun, later have an increased risk of skin cancer.

Our UV clothing of course is also suitable for adults, especially those in terms of occupation or hobbies are often in the sun. It is also often used for medical reasons

What can I do to protect myself?

Besides UV resistant clothing there are a number of items which must not be missed if you want to enjoy the sun safely.


A solar spectacle is protection for the eyes with the primary goal to protect the eyes from the unpleasant and damaging effects of sunlight.

Our sunglasses have 100% UV resistant, which means the sunglasses filter out all UV rays to sufficient and therefore meet the requirements of good sunglasses regarding UV filter effect. The glasses are made of plastic and are much lighter and impact resistant than glass.

Sun hat

Enjoy the nice weather without worrying about heat stroke or burning of the head. Sun Hats help us longer to enjoy the sun. They keep a cool head and protect against sunburn or sunstroke. Our hats are also UV resistant.

Sun screen

As we mentioned earlier, sunburn is definitely a good addition, and very important to have with you. Uncovered parts of the body must be always rubbed in for protection from sun burn.


Finally a few tips to help you safely enjoy the sun:

  • Go prepared, items such as UV swimwear, hat, sunscreen, sunglasses and water you can get ready beforehand
  • Make sure you are not continiously in the sun for too long. Use the shadow often
  • Drink enough water, it prevents dehydration
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