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Women's UV-Clothing and Swimwear


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  1. Hatland---UV-Trilby-hat-for-adults---Wilmont---Beige
    Hatland - UV Trilby hat for adults - Wilmont - Beige
    As low as 71.99 59.50
  2. Hatland---Two-size-reducer-fot-hats---Black
    Hatland - Two size reducer fot hats - Black
    As low as 9.99 8.26
  3. Hatland---One-size-reducer---Black
    Hatland - One size reducer - Black
    As low as 9.99 8.26
  4. Billabong---Rashguard-for-women-with-long-sleeves---A/DIV---UPF50+---Black-Multi-2
    Billabong - Rashguard for women with long sleeves - A/DIV - UPF50+ - Black Multi 2
    As low as 50.99 42.14
  5. Billabong---Rashguard-for-women-with-long-sleeves---Spotted-in-Paradise---UPF50+---Black-Pebble
    Billabong - Rashguard for women with long sleeves - Spotted in Paradise - UPF50+ - Black Pebble
    As low as 50.99 42.14
  6. Billabong---One-piece-swimsuit-for-women-with-long-sleeves---Tropic-Bodysuit---UPF50+---Black-Pebble
    Billabong - One-piece swimsuit for women with long sleeves - Tropic Bodysuit - UPF50+ - Black Pebble
    As low as 55.49 45.86
  7. Roxy---UV-Lycra-Rash-Vest-for-women---Roxy-Active---Long-sleeve---UPF50---Anthracite
    Roxy - UV Lycra Rash Vest for women - Roxy Active - Long sleeve - UPF50 - Anthracite
    As low as 66.49 54.95
  8. Roxy---UV-Swimsuit-for-women---Long-sleeve-onesie---Into-The-Sun---UPF50---Mood-Indigo-Tropical-Depth
    Roxy - UV Swimsuit for women - Long sleeve onesie - Into The Sun - UPF50 - Mood Indigo Tropical Depth
    As low as 95.49 78.92
  9. Roxy---UV-Lycra-Rash-Vest-for-women---Long-sleeve-with-zipper---UPF50---Mood-Indigo-Tropical-Depth
    Roxy - UV Lycra Rash Vest for women - Long sleeve with zipper - UPF50 - Mood Indigo Tropical Depth
    As low as 55.49 45.86
  10. Roxy---UV-Swimsuit-for-women---Long-sleeve-onesie---UPF50---Bright-White-Subtly-Salty-Flat
    Roxy - UV Swimsuit for women - Long sleeve onesie - UPF50 - Bright White Subtly Salty Flat
    As low as 88.49 73.13
  11. Hatland---UV-Bucket-hat-for-adults---Almond---Ocher
    Hatland - UV Bucket hat for adults - Almond - Ocher
    As low as 44.49 36.77
    Color: Yellow
    • Yellow
    • Orange
  12. Coolibar---UV-Vest-with-Quarter-Zip-for-women---Arabella---Diamond-Jacquard---Navy
    Coolibar - UV Vest with Quarter Zip for women - Arabella - Diamond Jacquard - Navy
    As low as 110.99 91.73
  13. Coolibar---UV-Travel-Skort-for-women---Pisa---Solid---Juneberry
    Coolibar - UV Travel Skort for women - Pisa - Solid - Juneberry
    As low as 99.99 82.64
  14. Coolibar---UV-Sun-Bandana-for-adults---Mackinac---Navy
    Coolibar - UV Sun Bandana for adults - Mackinac - Navy
    38.99 32.22
  15. Coolibar---UV-Skull-Cap-for-adults---Hubbard---Black
    Coolibar - UV Skull Cap for adults - Hubbard - Black
    As low as 33.49 27.68
    Color: Black
    • Black
    • White
    • Beige
  16. Coolibar---UV-Mask-for-adults---Blackburn---Navy
    Coolibar - UV Mask for adults - Blackburn - Navy
    As low as 38.99 32.22


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With the UV-protection women's clothing from UV-Fashions you protect your skin optimally against ultraviolet radiation. Our assortment consists of the collections of various premium brands - Coolibar, for example, is one of the fashionable UV brands we carry in our online shop. Coolibar is an Australian brand that manufactures much of its UV protective clothing for ladies from their own patented AQUA SUNTECT. This fabric repels more than 98 percent of UV rays. So Coolibar UV clothing not only looks sporty and trendy, but also offers optimum protection against the harmful effects of the sun! The high-quality UV protective clothing for ladies is very popular with our customers.

UV clothing from Cabana Life

In addition to the UV-protective women's clothing from Coolibar, you will also find other brands with a special history in our online shop. Cabana Life is a good example. This company was founded by Melissa Papock, who survived her skin cancer and has since been committed to preventing the disease. Like other brands in our collection, Cabana Life's UV women's clothing features a UPF 50+ ultraviolet protection. The Cabana Life range extends from UV shirts for women to swimming skirts with UV protection. A large number of the brands offered by UV-Fashions offer high-quality in combination with fashionable aesthetics.

Order your UV-protective women's clothing at UV-Fashions

If you order ladies' clothing with UV protection from UV-Fashions, you can benefit from many advantages. For example, if we receive your order, it will be delivered to your home up to three business days later. At UV-Fashions you will not only find UV-shirts for ladies, but also for the rest of the family, such as UV-protective swimming trunks or sun hats. Did we awaken your curiosity in the search for a new sun proof outfit? Then have a look at the whole range of UV clothing and order your favourite articles online in our web shop! Ordering high-quality UV protective clothing for ladies has never been so quick and easy.

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