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What do we at UV-Fashions, JUJA and Protectstore understand by sustainability?

Sustainability for UV-Fashions, JUJA and Protectstore is a concept that is constantly evolving. For us, sustainability is about being as considerate as possible. We do our utmost to have as little impact as possible on people, the environment and animals. Sustainability is also about future generations, working conditions and production. With every choice, we make at UV-Fashions, JUJA and Protectstore, we try to opt for the most sustainable solution.

What are the pillars of the sustainability policy of UV-Fashions, JUJA and Protectstore?

  • Product range
  • Packaging
  • Transport and shipping
  • Internal sustainability

Product range

  • Our range consists of timeless and durable clothing that has a long life cycle. Clothing that can easily be 'passed on' to others. Absolutely no fast fashion that is 'unfashionable' in no time, and after a few wears is written off in the trash.
  • UV clothing is a sustainable alternative to sunscreen. Wearing UV clothing makes applying sunscreen unnecessary. What many people don't know is that sunscreen is poorly biodegradable and therefore has quite a negative effect on marine life. Due to the chemical composition of sunscreens, they can be toxic to fish, coral, algae and other marine life.
  • With our brand JUJA, we bring UV-protective swimwear for children on the market that is made of recycled PET bottles.
  • We do not sell fur or angora. We also do not use down or feathers that come from living pluck.


  • We reuse all packaging materials whenever possible.
  • Furthermore, we are constantly looking for the most space-efficient way to pack. This is to ensure that as many packages as possible are shipped per truck.
  • We do not ship plastic packaging materials with our customers.
  • We use Do Good Bags as much as possible. These are shipping bags made from 135-gram recycled kraft. These shipping bags provide a significant volume advantage which also reduces the number of outgoing transport movements. These Do Good Bags have a double adhesive strip. This means that the bag can also be used by the customer for a possible return shipment.
  • We are affiliated with Homerr. The most sustainable logistics network in the Netherlands & Belgium. Homerr ensures fewer vans on the road, less CO2 emissions.

Transport and shipping

  • We aim for as few transport movements as possible.
  • For our brand JUJA, we ship our UV swimwear from China instead of flying it.
  • By largely switching to shipping envelopes instead of shipping boxes, we have reduced the number of pickups, and thus the number of transport movements.
  • Read more about the sustainability stances of our carriers DPD, PostNL, DHL Express.

Internal sustainability

  • Instead of heating our entire warehouse (unnecessarily), our logistics staff are equipped with nice warm company clothing during the cold months. So, that they can do their work comfortably and warmly, even in the winter.
  • Our warehouse is equipped with solar panels.
  • All fluorescent lighting in our company has been replaced by LED lighting.
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