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Safe payment

Adyen – Information for consumers

It is possible that the online payment you did, is processed by Payment Service Provider Adyen. In this case, you will find the name Adyen at the statement of your bank account. This means that Adyen is only responsible for the handling of your online payment. Adyen does not have any influence on the delivery your ordered products or services.
Adyen is a Payment Service Provider (PSP). As a PSP Adyen gives merchants the opportunity to offer several online payment methods, such as iDEAL, creditcard and PayPal, in their webshop. This way, you as a consumer, can pay your online purchases at these webshops easily and within a safe and sound payment environment.

You can find the answer to frequently asked questions about your order and payment below.

Why is the name 'Adyen on the statement of my bank account?

Adyen ensures that your online payment will be received by the merchant where you ordered your products. The name Adyen is on your statement, because Adyen is the first party that processes your payment.

Escrow means third party funds. In this case, third party funds are sums of money of Adyen customers. These sums are managed by Adyen, based on the function of Adyen as a Payment Service Provider. This method is used to follow strict regulatory and control on the activities of Adyen (and other PSP’s) by ‘De Nederlansche Bank’ (Dutch Central Bank).

There are 2 important reasons for working with a third party funds foundation:

  • It is not allowed to use third party funds for other purposes.
  • In case of a bankruptcy, the third party funds are beyond this bankruptcy.


Is my online payment safe?

When you do a transaction through Adyen, you can assume that this transaction is secured in several ways. As a Payment Service Provider, Adyen needs to follow strict rules relating to the safety of transaction traffic:

  • Adyen is currently relieved from 'De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB, Dutch Central Bank)' regulation. Any and all updates on current status will be communicated as soon as they become available.
  • Adyen is certified by Currence, the owner of iDEAL. This means that Adyen meets the strict safety requirements of Currence to offer iDEAL as an online payment method.
  • Adyen has SSL certification. Meaning that you make your online payments always within a secured web environment. You can control if the webpage you are using is secured yourself. A secured web page always shows https:// in the address bar of your browser. If you do not see the ‘s’ behind the ‘http’ you are not sure whether you are at a secured page.


How does an online payment through Adyen work?

You have placed an order in the webshop of one of the merchants that uses Adyen. The online payment that you did to pay this order, is handled by Adyen. This means that Adyen ensures that your online payment will be transferred to the bank account of the webshop where you ordered your products/services. You can compare these actions of Adyen with the activities of a bank to ensure that a payment is transferred from one bank account to the other.

Did Adyen receive my payment?

Questions about the status of your online payments can be directed to the webshop where you have paid your online order.

I have already paid, but I want to cancel, return or I did not receive my order?

Adyen does not have any influence on the delivery process of your order. You can contact the webshop where you have ordered your products services about questions concerning the delivery of your order.

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