Stronger together

In action!

The Dutch organisations Huidfonds, KWF and the “Nederlandse Vereniging voor Dermatologie en Venereologie” fight for the prevention and cure of skin cancer and other skin diseases. Finally, after years they have agreed with the standpoint and advice of their Australian and American colleagues; The combination of UV-protective clothing and the frequent applying of sunscreen on uncovered parts of skin is the ultimate sun protection for all age groups. The message in the scope of prevention is clear: "Never let children get sunburned" and remember to protect yourself sufficiently as well. UV-Fashions is a spokesperson within their sector, and is taking part in the discussion about the organisation and realization of the ‘National Skin Cancer Awareness Day’. 

UV-Fashions against skin cancer

UV-Fashions is an initiative of Jan Willem van der Sterre from the Netherlands. Sadly, a few years ago his father died from skin cancer. Shortly after his father’s death, his sister had her first baby. In the knowledge that they should protect their child properly from the sun, Jan Willem’s sister and her husband searched for UV-protective clothing within Europe, but remained unsuccessful in their quest. With this disappointment in mind Jan Willem decided to invest in the distribution of UV-clothing in Europe. Everyone needed to have knowledge of his ‘message’!

As a partner UV-Fashions makes a monthly donation to KWF and the Huidfonds. This way we literally invest in more funding for awareness, prevention and research around Skin cancer.In actie voor kwf