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In stock -10% JUJA -  UV Swim set for boys - Oldtimer - White/Blue
In stock -10% JUJA -  UV Swim set for girls - Stars - White/Pink
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In stock Playshoes - UV Swim Set Kids- Roses - 900
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In stock Playshoes - UV swimsuit two-piece for girls - Flamingo - Aqua / pink - Front
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Two-piece swim sets for children brands    

A two-piece swim set for your child is especially useful and good if it is also UV-resistant. Your little man or woman will probably be in the sun a lot. Especially on holiday, in sunny places or outside school, just playing. Then there is unfortunately far too little thought about the dangers of UV rays. We all know the positive sides of the sun, we make full use of that, but unfortunately we forget that too much UV rays can have very violent effects. Luckily we have a wide range of UV-resistant clothing at UV-Fashions, like all brands of two-piece swim sets for children.


Two-piece UV swimming set for children          

A two-piece UV swim set for your child can of course be found at UV-Fashions. As you would expect from us, we have all possible UV-resistant items especially for you, so even for a child's swim set you've come to the right place. Different colors, different sizes, everything your little friend wants, you can find it at UV-Fashions. And, of course, swim sets are not the only ones in our range. What about these boys sports shirts? Whatever you're looking for, UV protection starts with UV-Fashions and a good start is a two-piece UV swim set for your child.


Two-piece swim set UV-protective

A two-piece swim set that is UV-protective, doesn't everyone want it? We notice that too. And that's why we have an extensive range. So you can find what you want. From eye-catching designs, to quiet designs, of course from the best brands. Snapper Rock, Playshoes, you name it. And if you order today, chances are that your order will be delivered tomorrow. We don't like to wait either, so we certainly don't let our customers wait any longer than necessary. So tomorrow you can already enjoy a UV-protective two-piece swim set.