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Protecting your child's face and lips  

To protect your child's face and lips, use the right sunscreen. And that care comes in the form of a bottle or a little jar. This only differs slightly from product to product, but by continuing to apply the product, you can protect your child as much as you can. And you want to perfect that down to the last detail, because the delicate skin of a young person is very vulnerable. What you don't want is to apply the wrong products. Or don't protect it at all. A good step to come to UV-Fashions, to buy the best sun care products and to protect your child's face and lips.


UV protection of your child’s face and lips

Providing your children's faces and lips with the right UV protection is not a very difficult task. You just need to know what products you need and how to use them perfectly. Like the standard rule to put on sunscreen at least every two hours. But there are more. The rules and guidelines vary per product and body type, so be sure to check out the packaging for extra tips. But when it comes to UV protection, especially for children, you can't be too careful. That's why we at UV-Fashions don't just have sunscreen, but an entire clothing collection for children, such as these children's shirts. That saves you from having to put on sunscreen, because the upper body is already covered with a nice shirt. But don't forget to rub the face and lips of your children (and yourself) for optimal UV protection.


Prevent burning of children's faces and lips

Prevent your children's faces and lips from burning and ensure proper sun care. At UV-Fashions we have an extensive range, with the best products. So don't wait any longer, order one of the sun care products and prevent sunburn on your children's faces and lips.

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