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Backpack for children

A very handy SwimFin that allows your child to play shark and that helps to float in the water, but how do you take it to the beach or to the swimming pool? Well, we have something for that in our assortment, the SwimFin backpack. This backpack is very handy, because you can put more in than just a SwimFin. The backpack also offers space to transport other things. The backpack has extra compartments, both on the front and on the side. For example, there is a handy compartment on the side where a bottle of water or other drinks can be stored. This is very important in warm weather. The front pocket is ideal for storing goggles. In the main compartment there is room for clothes or a towel. This makes it easy to carry everything you need. The backpack with space for the SwimFin is therefore a real swimming pool or beach bag for when your child goes out to enjoy the water.


Buying a backpack for kids online

The backpack for the floating device has padded shoulder straps so that it carries comfortably on the child's shoulders and does not cut or otherwise feel annoying. The back panel is also slightly padded. This makes the backpack extra comfortable for your child. The backpack is made of 100% polyester and has not been tested for UV protection. The SwimFin backpack is a handy accessory when you buy your SwimFin and is nice to buy at the same time as your SwimFin. Note: The SwimFin itself is not included with this product. This is available separately. Take a look at our large collection of SwimFins, so that you can select and order both items in a nice combination. The SwimFin is available in the colors: purple, gray, blue, orange, green, black and red.

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