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Vapor Apparel for Kids

Vapor Apparel is an athletic Brand that offers beautiful basics for kids. The UV-protective shirts are practical for everyday use and what’s especially nice about them is that they are high quality for an affordable price. In the UV-resistant Vapor Apparel shirts, your child can play on the beach or, with you together, explore the area on vacation while taking a nice walk in the sun. The cloth-covered skin is protected from the sun during this time. Whether you’re upgrading your child’s summer wardrobe or need some nice new pieces for vacation, Vapor Apparel is an excellent brand for practical, timeless basics. At Vapor Apparel, you’re in the right place for UV-clothing for kids!



Are you looking for a UV-protective outfit for your child? Next to basic clothing by Vapor Apparel, UV-Fashions also offers beautiful UV-swimwear from various renowned UV-brands for children. Buy a bikini, swimsuit or UV-swimset for your child, and don’t forget the matching accessoires like a UV-cap, UV-hat and UV-resistant sunglasses. In our wide assortment you will find sunglasses for both children and babies. With UV-clothing from UV-Fashions, your child can play safely and protected in the sun. Also, do not forget to apply a good sunscreen to the uncovered skin every two hours!


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Vapor Apparel is an essential basic for your child’s sun-protected outfit. Choose one of the practical, UV-protecting shirts from this brand and buy Vapor Apparel online, today at UV-Fashions!