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Scala | Children's hats

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UV-clothing for children and UV resistant accessories for children

Cute UV clothing for children can easily be ordered online at UV-Fashions. We have a wide choice: UV-beachwear, UV-swimwear, UV-suits, UV-shirts, UV-pants, and other UV-resistant items for babies, toddlers, boys, and girls to complete your UV-resistant wardrobe. Our UV-protective clothing is of high quality and ensures that your child can play and swim carefree outdoors. Many of our UV-clothing and accessories have the high protection factor of UPF 50+ and protect your child's sensitive skin from harmful UV-rays. Wearing UV-protective clothing reduces the risk of developing skin cancer in later years. Your child can play outside with UV-protective clothing from UV-Fashions. However, it is important to apply sunscreen to those areas not covered by UV-clothing. We have various sun creams from renowned brands such as Garnier, Vision, and Happy Sunshine. The UV-clothing is not only very protective but also looks great with the various patterns and colors. We offer a wide range of premium brands that make beautiful and high-quality UV-clothing for babies and children. Our range of UV-clothing has been put together with the greatest care. Quality and fit play a very important role in this. Wearing comfort is also very important to us and this partly explains the popularity of the UV-brands we sell. One of our premium brands for children is Snapper Rock. The company was founded in New Zealand where sailing is a popular sport. The brand offers beautiful and beach-approved clothing for babies, boys, and girls. The clothing looks beautiful and is well UV-protected at the same time. Snapper Rock's UV-clothing for children fits in well with the latest fashion trends.

UV-clothing and beautiful UV-resistant accessories for children

In addition to A-brand UV-clothing, we also offer a wide range of beautiful accessories such as UV-resistant sunglasses, UV-diving goggles, UV-sun hats, UV-sun caps, UV-bandanas, and other handy extras for babies, toddlers, boys, and girls. It is important to protect children's eyes from the sun as well as the body with good UV-resistant sunglasses. You can already find sunglasses for babies in our collection. In addition, a child's head should not be forgotten. The head can get sunburned quickly and your child can get sunstroke if his or her head is not properly protected with a UV-resistant sun hat or cap. We also have UV-caps and UV-hats for use in the water, which are quick-drying and therefore handy for day trips to the beach, swimming pool and also in the suitcase for the holidays. Also, don't forget to bring our cool buoyancy aids which are just as different from the old-fashioned orange swimming wings of the past. Curious about this? Take a look at our selection of buoyancy aids for children.

Buy UV-clothing and UV-resistant accessories for children

UV-Fashions considers it is important that the selection of UV-protective clothing consists of clothing that offers a high level of UV-protection, is comfortable to wear, and also looks beautiful and trendy. So you have come to the right place if you want to buy UV-clothing and accessories for children. Have we made you curious about our wide range? Then feel free to take a look in our shop and order your favorite UV-clothing and UV-accessories for children online!

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