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UV face mask

With a UV face mask you give your face the optimal protection against UV rays. Of course, you have to put on sunscreen on your face, but do you do that at least every two hours? And with the right factor? Unfortunately, it creeps in too quickly not to put on sunscreen or too late and before you know it you have burned skin. Not only does that cause a red face, it will disappear after a few days, it causes a lot of negative consequences in the long run. Your skin will age faster the more often you are exposed to UV rays. It has even been researched that the younger people have to deal with this, the faster the skin will age. Not to mention the ever-increasing risk of skin cancer. Would you like to know more about this? Read our blogs about preventing and treating sun allergy and what to do if you get sunburned. Make sure you protect yourself and others from the sun's rays. Put on sunscreen regularly and well. And wear a UV facial mask.


Buy a UV facial mask

Buying a UV face mask at UV-Fashions always means, worldwide fast shipping within 2-3 days at home. And you don't have to stay at home all day to wait for your order, you know. For example, have the parcel delivered to your work or to one of the Pickup Parcel Shops in your area. Then you can pick it up when it suits you. Do you think good UV protection and good service are important? Then you want to buy a UV face mask at UV-Fashions.


UV face mask and other UV accessories

A UV face mask and other UV accessories can be found in our extensive range. UV-resistant clothing is of course the basis for our shops, but with the right accessories you can make a big difference. UV-Wash, for example. Which you can use to wash 'normal' clothing and then apply a UV-resistant layer to it. Or gloves, sleeves, other UV accessories and of course a UV face mask.

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