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About the brand...

Naïf is a Dutch brand that makes, among other things, natural, vegan SPF 30 or 50 sunscreens (and after sun) for babies, children, and adults. Naïf contains mineral UV filters and natural oils without nanoparticles, so besides being 'animal friendly', it's also completely 'ocean friendly'!


Naïf | Natural Sunscreen


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  1. Naïf---Natural-cooling-aftersun---Gel---100ml
    Naïf - Natural cooling aftersun - Gel - 100ml
    25.49 21.07
  2. Naïf---Natural-sunscreen-body---SPF30---100ml
    Naïf - Natural sunscreen body - SPF30 - 100ml
    34.49 28.50
  3. Naïf---Natural-sunscreen-face---SPF30---50ml
    Naïf - Natural sunscreen face - SPF30 - 50ml
    37.99 31.40
  4. Naïf---Natural-sunscreen-for-baby-&-kids---SPF30---100ml
    Naïf - Natural sunscreen for baby & kids - SPF30 - 100ml
    32.49 26.85


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Buy Naïf Sunscreen

If you are looking for sunscreen from the Naïf brand, you have come to the right place at UV-Fashions. Naïf is a Dutch brand that markets skin care, including natural sunscreens and after sun. The sunscreen from Naïf is a mineral sunscreen without nanoparticles. Naïf sunscreen spreads easily and prevents leaving a white film on the skin. Naïf works only with natural products and therefore Naïf sunscreen is ideal for use on sensitive children's skin. By using only natural ingredients, the brand's sunscreen is not harmful or harmful to oceans and marine life. Naïf sunscreen does not need to be worked in, but offers SPF 30 or 50 UV protection from the moment of application. The packaging is partly made of sugar cane, which significantly reduces the amount of plastic (waste). So if you are looking for a good, responsible sunscreen for your baby, child or for yourself, order Naïf sunscreen or after sun.

Naïf sunscreen baby

There is almost nothing more vulnerable than bare baby skin or children's skin in the sun. So, it's essential to apply a high SPF+ sunscreen to your little one properly and often when he or she is outside. Use the natural sunscreen for babies from Naïf. This cream (and of course the delicious Naïf after sun) is free from harmful substances and also works with natural UV filters instead of 'chemical' ones. All Naïf sunscreens are vegan and animal friendly. It is best to keep babies out of the sun completely. In the unlikely event that this doesn't work out, at least grease them well and at least every two hours. Naïf is not only gentle on the skin of newborns and babies, but also on the skin of children.

Order Naïf online at UV-Fashions

t UV-Fashions you can order everything related to UV-protective clothing and accessories for young and old. UV-Fashions is committed to protecting you and your children from the dangers of the sun and UV radiation. The UV clothing you buy at UV-Fashions offers optimal UV protection. We always recommend that you apply sunscreen, preferably SPF50 or higher, to the uncovered skin of your baby, little one or yourself every two hours. Naïf is a brand that is averse to chemical and non-natural additives and ingredients. If you order Naïf vegan and natural sun protection from UV-Fashions before 5:30 p.m., it will be shipped the same day.

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