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About the brand

The French Julbo Eyewear is the sunglasses brand for the tough outdoor athlete. The Julbo range at UV-Fashions consists of sporty, high-quality, UV protective and colorful sunglasses for children and adults. A must-have for the big and small adventurer.


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Julbo Eyewear glasses

The French company Julbo brings sunglasses on the market that protect your eyes and those of your children under all circumstances against the sun and the harmful effects of UV radiation. Julbo glasses can be purchased at UV-Fashions for adults, children, and even babies. Whether you're under a treacherous bright alpine sun doing (winter) sports in the snowy mountains or snow-white slopes, enjoying the sun on a sunny beach, or that you in/on the beautiful and sunny seas and oceans are doing (water) sports. With sporty and colorful Julbo sunglasses you always have perfect vision and enjoy optimal protection of your eyes. Even when the sun is at its brightest. Julbo glasses all offer an excellent fit and are also piece incredibly strong. These are sporty sunglasses that can really take a beating. This makes Julbo glasses popular with sports enthusiasts and outdoor enthusiasts.

Julbo sunglasses

We have many Julbo sunglasses for sale. You could say that each Julbo glasses is perfect for a specific outdoor sport or outdoor activity. No two Julbo sunglasses are the same. For example, there are glasses that are specifically suitable for wearing in the high mountains, on the water, in the car. This is because, for example, the lenses are divided into different categories. For example, category 1 allows 100 to 80 percent light through, and category 4 only 8 to 3%. Whether you are a cyclist, a sailor, a runner, a mountaineer, water sports enthusiast, or for example a hiker. For you, there are guaranteed to be Julbo sunglasses that perfectly matches your sporting needs. On the water, in the snow, in the mountains, the desert, or in the woods. There are always Julbo glasses for you!

Julbo lenses

Julbo Eyewear distinguishes different types of lenses they use in their sunglasses:

  • REACTIV Photochromic
  • The REACTIV series are specially designed for athletes who play their sport under extreme and changing (weather) conditions. The REACTIV series is available in different designs, colors, and coatings to meet the needs of any outdoor athlete. The lenses are photochromic. This means that the lenses react instantly to changes in weather and therefore in light intensity. The lenses change color and therefore adjust vision to the amount of sunlight and weather conditions. The more sunlight, the darker the lens becomes. The lens offers a lifetime warranty and ensures crystal clear vision. Simply the very best lenses for the outdoor enthusiast. The different lenses of the REACTIV series include REACTIV All Around for daily wear and under different circumstances, REACTIV NAUTIC, especially for water sports, with an extremely clear vision and particularly good resistance to (splashing and salt) water. There is also the REACTIV HIGH Mountain lens for the mountain athlete. This offers excellent protection in the (high and snowy) mountains.
  • Spectron polycarbonate
  • Julbo brings different Spectron lenses. Spectron 3 lenses are versatile and suitable for all sports, while Spectron 4, due to its high protection index, lends itself incredibly well to wear in the mountains. Unlike the REACTIVE series, Spectron lenses are not photochromic. The lenses do not change color as the number of light changes. Spectron 4 lenses have an anti-reflective coating that reduces eye fatigue and eliminates distracting glare. Spectron 4 is less suitable for driving because the lenses are dark. Each Spectron series goggle can be used in the mountains or on the water. Which version suits you best depends or your light sensitivity. Spectron lenses are rock solid and will not break.
  • Spectron Polarized
  • Polarized lenses eliminate glare on water and white snow. This provides a better and clearer vision. Spectron 3 lenses, unlike Spectron 3, are also ideal while driving.

Julbo technologies

Julbo Eyewear has developed and used a number of distinctive technologies in the creation of their sunglasses:

  • Grip Tech Temples Exclusive soft material on the temples and nose, which ensures that the legs of the glasses do not 'stick' to the hair.
  • 360° adjustable temples The ends of the goggle legs can be moved in all directions. Ideal for under a helmet, over a hat or just on the head. The sunglasses remain perfectly in place.
  • Air Flow Air holes are provided in the frame to promote air circulation which prevents fogging of the lenses.
  • Bubble Frame The frame contains thousands of tiny air bubbles. These ensure that the glasses float as it were. Nice and light and comfortable!

Julbo sunglasses online at UV-Fashions

UV-Fashions is the expert in the field of sun protection, UV clothing and accessories and responsible sunbathing. You will probably know us from our extensive range of uv-protective clothing. But sunglasses should of course not be missing from our range either! You can order your Julbo sunglasses online at UV-Fashions. Order your Julbo glasses before 17.30, and you will receive them the next working day. Besides the glasses, feel free to look at the rest of our uv-protective range for adults, children and babies!

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