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Buff | UV caps and scarves

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Buff was founded in 1992 in Igualada, a Spanish region famous for its textile industry. The founder of Buff, Joan Rojas, loved the feeling of freedom when riding his motorcycle. However, he did not find any good or fitting accessories to wear when riding his motorcycle, which is why he decided to simply create them himself and make it better. Everyday he worked in his family’s textile factory, until he finally got what he needed: a seamless, tubular garment that can be worn in various ways. When interest in Joan’s BUFF® tube scarves grew, he decided to launch his own collection. Buff has quickly become a strong company that also makes hats, caps and many other products today, many of which are UV-resistant.

Buff scarves and hats

Buff creates high quality accessories for babies, children and adults. Above all, the brand is known for its multifunctional scarves in combination with cool designs. Some of the Buff caps can even be folded into a small package – when unfolded, the cap returns to its original shape, which is perfect for travelling since the cap can fit in any suitcase or hand luggage! Also, for the sports fans among us: This brand produces, among other articles, products that are specifically for outdoor and extreme sports. All of Buff’s products are made from finest materials and most advanced, new techniques. For example, one material that Buff uses is COOLNET® UV +, a recycled, lightweight polyester with ultimate moisture regulating and cooling properties.

Buff and the environment

Buff is a company with a passion for nature and the environment and has even received prizes for that. The brand has become a member of Summit in 2013, an award given by the organization to companies that are greatly involved in environmental protection.
(Source: Website Buff)

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